Genes Now Tell Doctors Secrets They Can’t Utter

And its only going to get more ethically complicated as we discover more genetic basis for diseases. What about the day you can buy a gene sequencing kit over the counter and know exactly what mutations you are carrying…would you want that red pill or would you like the blue pill and never know?

Stephen Colbert on voting

“If you don’t choose your leaders, they will be chosen for you.” – Stephen Colbert out-of-character before the taping of the Colbert Report. Democracy cannot be hijacked by Citizens’ United, Koch brothers, or the unions if the electorate does its civic duties, is knowledgeable about issues, studies the contrasting policy proposals, and votes accordingly. Please don’t be apathetic. Democracy is not free. Those 30-second ads will become toothless if the electorate is not ignorant, lazy, and apathetic. When the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people, it is quite hypocritical when the people complain about their government.

“Belief” in Science?

It makes me very sad when someone asks me “do you completely/100% believe in science?” I am not sure if it is a failure of our education system, or a desire of students to earn diplomas and degrees but not an ‘education’. How do you have a scientific conversation with people who do not even understand the scientific method? How will a society even appreciate science if the population treats it as another belief system.