‎”In India we have extreme opinions. We praise someone very highly, and in a few games we start pulling the same individual down. I always say it’s important to be in the middle path. That’s how you will enjoy the sport.” – MSD

We take pleasure in turning boys into “Gods”, boys who are still teenagers. And at the first sight of failure we take even greater pleasure in bringing down those “false Gods”. We question their character, their attitude, and their reason to keep doing the only thing they have known since they were 3 years old. Any individual who has played team sports knows that individual performances do not even register in the brain if the team is losing. There is no greater joy than being part of a winning team. In the same calendar year we go from calling for someone to be given the nation’s highest civilian honor to calling them selfish individuals who play for records and not for winning. We never learned equanimity.

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