Faith is a beautiful thing. Anyone in the health profession probably knows the effects of a placebo. When we take a placebo, we believe it is a medicine and have faith that it will cure us. And when we pray, what different are we doing than taking a placebo? Whether we pray to a God, to many Gods, or to men, we are all doing the same thing. We hope and believe that whoever we are praying to is listening to us, and we derive strength from it. If I pray to this pen which I am holding in my hand and believe that it is watching out for me, I will feel good about praying to this pen. So what is this faith that we place on animate objects or inanimate philosophy? Some name it God(s). While others call it positive thinking. Maybe there is a God somewhere. Maybe there is a God within all of us. Praying to a God gives us self-belief because we feel strengthened by the prayer. And there titans and champions in many fields who are highly successful based on self-belief itself. I am not writing to prove or disprove a God being. I am just writing to explain why having faith is beautiful. That faith does not have to be in a God being. All I am trying to show is the power of positive thinking, confidence, and self-belief. Some people go to temples before a big exam and do well because they believe that God is helping them. I wear my Yankee jersey to big exams and feel good and confident in the exam room. And I do pray to God too, asking for strength. And that prayer makes me believe that a God being is providing me with strength and no matter how hard a task might seem, I feel strengthened and confident to accomplish it. Therefore, I believe faith is beautiful. It is nothing but positive thinking and we give various names to it. But are faith and religion the same thing? Yes and no. And that topic is for another time.

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