The United States has one of the highest death penalty executions in the world. But that does not stop people from committing murders. What makes anyone think that making rape a crime punishable by death will have any effects in India? Is it just an act, or more of a show of power, of a lack of respect for the other gender? What will death penalty do if the culture prevents women from coming forward? How will men learn to treat the other gender with respect if parents have two different rules for sons and daughters? How will men understand women when in conservative circles they aren’t allowed to interact with women? It will stop when victims stand up to society, when wives stand up to husbands, and when daughters stand up to their parents and not feel like they are “sinning”. It will stop only when those who stand up for equality in principle finally turn their words into actions when they themselves have to make a choice between self-respect vs obedience. Till then, have fun lighting candles and posting on Facebook while letting your fathers, brothers, husbands, relatives, and society have the final word over your lives.

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