Who is a scholar? Part II

Scholarship is studying the entire tree, not a single leaf. Because if you are studying a rotten leaf, you’ll be a “scholar” of rotten. And studying functioning leaves isn’t going to give a complete picture of the tree either. My point – I am irritated by the liberal use of the word “scholar” just because someone has spent X amount of time on Y subject. I can spend a lifetime studying palmistry and still be “scholar” of rotten (in a quatum universe where everything is X probability, there is no such thing as magic or foretelling).


fear…the most primal of emotions. it is an even bigger instinct than love. fear of the unknown in the bushes helped us survive predators. so everyone has fears, whether they show it or not. cowardice is giving in to fear and saying I can’t do anything about it. courage is facing your fear, acknowledging you are afraid, and working to fight it and overcome it, but not giving in to it. face the fear that comes in your path and walk over it. once you do, you will never ever be afraid of that particular thing, because then the unknown became the known and you survived it. fear…the primal emotion of the unknown.

What does it mean to “be a man”?

An extremely pervasive cultural thing that will require a generation or two of self-reflection to refine what it means to “be a man”. It is not a gender thing because this definition of “manhood” isn’t present everywhere. Heck, even women here tell a guy to “be a man” which makes me want to scream “so being a woman means to be weak?”. “Being a man”/”being a woman” should both mean to be strong and responsible. “Machismo” is just false bravado because that man has nothing except his brawns.