If immodesty can be sexual objectification on one side of the spectrum, modesty can be sexual objectification on the other side of the spectrum. Making women in bikinis parade around for men treats them as flesh, but making women cover themselves head to toe so they don’t tempt or distract men also treats them as flesh.


A politician follows the pulse of his electorate and tells them what they want to hear. A leader tells his people what they should hear and leads them to a better place and educates them from acting against their own long term self-interests.


A politician knows the pulse of 51% of his electorate and follows the current mood of the people. A leader knows where his people stand, and then he educates and leads his people to a better way. Unfortunately, we no longer have any leaders or role models.


I imagine – if we are flying through space in a big blue box, our only identity is an Earthling. when we see that pale blue dot, we see one home. when we land on Earth, our identity turns into nationalities, race, and religion. when we enter a nation, our identity turns into ethnicities and sects. when we enter a sect, our identity turns into tribes and clans. can’t we all just be…human beings flying on a pale blue spaceship around a medium-sized star…


The Reason I Read

I read for knowledge, and to enhance my understanding of the world around me, and to figure out the thinkings/actions of human beings! Yes, many times you will think I am a Sheldon Cooper or a Sherlock Holmes (immodest much? 😛 ) I always wonder why people behave, think, or act the way they do. Take politics and religion as two examples – a lot of people are quite self-righteous about their beliefs and find their way of thinking to be so obvious and cannot imagine why someone else doesn’t see their way. It happens on both sides of the political spectrum, and for all religions. “How can that person not see it?!” is a common phrase. Through my years of reading on neuroscience, psychology, history, literature, and religious scriptures…it has been quite fun to figure out why we behave/believe the way we do. And it has also led me to be more open-minded and question the things I might feel are self-evident. I feel that to understand something, you have to read everything about it and around it. You cannot limit yourself to only a certain field, or books in that field. Its like…one must study all the leaves to get a complete idea of the tree…not just a few leaves or a branch of the tree. To get an idea of the world, of existence, of humanity…one cannot limit their knowledge to only a few things. Therefore, I read and read and read.