Chicken Chapli Kebab Recipe

Check out this chicken kebab recipe I wrote for my friend’s blog!

Rachel M Brick

Hey everyone! For this next recipe post, I’ve invited my friend, Soumya Nanda, to contribute a guest post. Below is his recipe for his delicious chicken kebabs. Perfect for a weekend spent by the grill! Enjoy!

This recipe is one of my favorite side dishes – chicken chapli kebab. It is a famous dish in Pakistan and northern India. You can make it with ground chicken, lamb, or beef. It is also very healthy, with no oil added to the kebabs. Although I love eating it, buying chapli kebabs from restaurants can get very expensive. Since I know how much the ingredients cost, I wanted to give it a try at home. It was surprising extremely easy to make and yes, delicious too! One can easily buy “kebab masala” (spices) packet from a store and just mix the contents of the packet with chicken and onion and make it. But…

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Put the Sci in your Fi – #4 – Real Life Superpowers—Tardigrades: Just Add Water

Read this amazing post about the superpowers of tardigrades, or water bears!

Rachel M Brick

Science fiction and superhero stories are filled with people who have extraordinary abilities. People who can heal, who can walk through walls, survive vacuums, see perfectly in the dark. It’s quite a glamorous affair, especially when the characters jump off the page and onto the silver screen.

There are real animals on Earth, though, that do possess superpower-like qualities, many of which are specialized traits that have evolved as survival mechanisms. This post will delve into just one such creature: the tardigrade.

Tardigrade-Clear Hello! My name is Tardigrade! (Image courtesy of Alex Ferri Land)

The tardigrade is a microscopic aquatic invertebrate with four pairs of stubby legs. First discovered in 1773 by German zoologist Goeze, over 900 species have since been discovered around the world, and it seems only recently have researchers begun to decipher the molecular mechanisms that allow for this “extremophile” to survive the harshest of environments.


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