Check out this chicken kebab recipe I wrote for my friend’s blog!

Rachel M Brick

Hey everyone! For this next recipe post, I’ve invited my friend, Soumya Nanda, to contribute a guest post. Below is his recipe for his delicious chicken kebabs. Perfect for a weekend spent by the grill! Enjoy!

This recipe is one of my favorite side dishes – chicken chapli kebab. It is a famous dish in Pakistan and northern India. You can make it with ground chicken, lamb, or beef. It is also very healthy, with no oil added to the kebabs. Although I love eating it, buying chapli kebabs from restaurants can get very expensive. Since I know how much the ingredients cost, I wanted to give it a try at home. It was surprising extremely easy to make and yes, delicious too! One can easily buy “kebab masala” (spices) packet from a store and just mix the contents of the packet with chicken and onion and make it. But…

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