Scientific misconduct

UntitledThis paper was published today in the journal mBio. Moral of the story – men should stop lying. 228 cases of academic misconduct in the past 18 years is a very low number. As a scientist, I do wish that number was ZERO. And I also accept that vast cases of misconduct is not reported. I think every student who chooses any scientific field as their major in college should take an oath not to lie in their work. And anyone ever caught lying or committing academic misconduct should be barred forever from conducting scientific investigations. Science is built on truth, data, and facts. Even slightly modifying it brings in bias and falsehood, and therefore it is no longer science.


Guns, Moral Theology, and Biology

everyone has an opinion on how to stop, or if we can stop, these mass-murders. some say gun control and some say guns don’t kill, people kill (I have heard it for years but my brain has yet to understand the logic in it). some point to Good and Evil and how we cannot stop Evil because some people are just Evil (but is good and evil as clear as black and white? were the people who spread the Good Words through guns and sword really ‘Good’?) both points are valid. but how about adding a third point – mental illness. why do we stigmatize mental illness and tell the person “oh just stop being crazy” and ridicule them? the brain is just an organ after all. do we tell a person who is having a heart attack that he/she should stop having one and start pumping blood properly? we can talk about guns and moral theology, but let us not forget and trivialize biology.

Genes Now Tell Doctors Secrets They Can’t Utter

And its only going to get more ethically complicated as we discover more genetic basis for diseases. What about the day you can buy a gene sequencing kit over the counter and know exactly what mutations you are carrying…would you want that red pill or would you like the blue pill and never know?

“Belief” in Science?

It makes me very sad when someone asks me “do you completely/100% believe in science?” I am not sure if it is a failure of our education system, or a desire of students to earn diplomas and degrees but not an ‘education’. How do you have a scientific conversation with people who do not even understand the scientific method? How will a society even appreciate science if the population treats it as another belief system.