Morning Light

Once while coming home I saw a fairy,
A fragrant wind blew my heart as if I was in a prairie.
I thought I finally met the girl of my dream,
Because I could see her heart was modest and pristine.

Respecting and admiring her beauty became my common trend,
Just a few years later she became my best friend.
For now I know that my love is so true,
But when will I tell, that the fairy is no one but you.


O Fall you most romantic of seasons
Bringing a smile for many an unknown reasons
You changing the leaves to their bright and diverse colors
It makes my heart beat into a flutter

A blue sky, a hot beverage and a chilly weather
Basking under the warm equinox sun makes everything better
A time for a log cabin up in the mountains
Get cozy near the fireplace with a book and a lovely maiden