Access to voting is a dear topic to me and I donate money towards expanding voting. But lazy outrage is one of my huge pet peeves. Because of the pandemic, 60 days before today’s primary, Kentucky announced that all registered voters can request mail-in-ballots. Nearly 900,000 such ballots were sent out. And because of the pandemic, the state had trouble getting poll workers to work polling booths. Therefore, 40 days before the election it was announced that individual polling stations will not operate in Jefferson County but voters can vote at the Kentucky Exposition Center that will have hundreds of voting booths. Parking was free, and public transportation to the Expo Center was offered every 30 minutes for free. Early voting was allowed every day last week and yesterday at the Expo Center without an appointment. Early voting was allowed at a second location from June 8 till yesterday, with an appointment strongly recommended. None of these are signs that Kentucky is suppressing the vote for today’s elections. And from all accounts, it seems that today’s voting went as smooth as can be hoped, with traffic being the biggest issue in Louisville to reach the Expo Center in the evening. It didn’t take me more than 15 minutes yesterday to read what exactly happened. Yet, voter suppression in Kentucky blew up in social media and blogs. We want mail-in-voting so people don’t have to go out and vote. We ask for expanded voting days and people got 12 days to vote in person, including today. Sometimes outrage just feels so good and consumes so little time compared to just taking a few minutes to read the context.  

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